Last Rehearsal

Hello! Here we are at our last rehearsal in the studio just outside Milan this morning.  We are sure going to miss our morning coffee at the best coffee machine in the city.  It’s more like coffee flavoured water than coffee actually, but for some reason it has become an integral part of our rehearsal routine.


I think we are pretty much ready.  We’ve bought some new stuff to make us even louder than before (much), attempted to pack it tetris-style into the car (it fits, just), and written and re-written the set list.  We’ve had a run through of the Beasts of Bourbon song that we’re going to play with Head On next Saturday at Mondo Bizarro (that’s the 16th), and run through the song that we think Headsucker is going to ask us to play.

This weekend I’m going to stock up on car snacks and neurofen, get all the merch sorted out and packed up, and decide how many different outfits I can possibly fit into my bag.  Writing new songs has taken a back seat for the moment because there just hasn’t been the free time to concentrate on them.  Nonetheless, we have a couple already added to the set.  We’ll be playing the entire album in our show, all 10 songs.  I’m rather pleased about that.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road next week if you are in France!  Come and say hello, or bon soir as the case may be.

Bisous from us


✿ WIN ✿ Album of the week #12 – PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE – Rollin’ on down the lane

Feeling festive yet?

Rollin' on down the lane Christmas giveaway

Just to help you get in the spirit of the season here’s your chance to win:

  • a signed CD copy of the new album ‘Rollin’ on down the lane’
  • a CD single of Devil Inside, which includes previously unreleased material
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The lucky winner will be drawn by Santa’s little independent adjudicator on December 25th, at 5pm.

Good luck and Merry Christmas from SusySapphire

For all the rest of the merchandise we have available check out our bandcamp page here: Pete Ross & The Sapphire

Concert and Music Video Release – Ohibò, Milano

We’ve been working hard this month getting ready to play this next concert at Circolo Arci Ohibò in Milan, this Friday 28th September. We’ve got Alessio on the drums as usual, and we’re joined by Tommaso playing keys and doing some backing harmonies as well.

It’s not just our usual concert however, because we are finally ready to release our new music video. We worked with Viola Barbato, who also directed the last video of Il Genio (Tahiti) and we are so happy with the final product. It’s not your usual music video, so stay tuned, or if you are in Milan, come and see it Friday. Ohibò has a big screen!


Port Très Blues – Philippe Erard

We’re back in Italy!

The first thing we do when crossing the border back into Italia is stop at the very first Autogrill on the motorway and get a coffee. Sorry France, I love you, but it’s no secret that Italy wins hands down on the coffee front.

This is the first Autogrill on the coast motorway, and here is a book that you won’t find in the gift-shop.

port tres blues-1

It’s called Port Très Blues and is a photo-documentary of the annual Folk-Blues Binic Festival by photographer Philippe Erard.

The photographs are fantastic, like this one of Jamie Hutchings

port tres blues-2

And this one of Mark ‘Porkchop’ Holder

port tres blues-3

And this one of Dirty Deep

port tres blues-6

And I don’t know who these two idiots are…

port tres blues-5

And everybody’s favourite, Mr James Leg (or should I say The Reverend?)

port tres blues-4

You can contact Philippe through his website to get your hands on a copy of his book.

Or you can get yourself to Binic in early August next year to see the festival first hand, and perhaps get into the next book. Here’s the facebook page for the festival: Binic Folk Blues Festival

Last but not least, I must say a very big thank you to the wonderful Monsieur Dimi Dero, who apart from being an all round nice guy, and the producer of our new album, sent us this copy of the book. Thanks Dimi!!!

It’s a rollin…

We finally did it.  FINALLY!  Put the 10 songs onto a CD, with all the vocals and bits that we wanted, in an order that we liked, and put it in the post.  Phew, it sure has been a marathon effort, but a lot of fun and we are super excited and can’t wait to let y’all hear it and tell us what you think.

After a lot of talk and pondering, both the title for the album and the cover photo materialised, seemingly of their own volition.  I have a feeling that these things can’t be forced, and that when the time is right they will make themselves known, and so they did.  No sneak peeks of either yet, sorry, we still want to reserve the right for tinkering.

We’ve booked a sound engineer for the end of March to start mixing, and mastering is lined up too.  Things are all a’rolling!

I went to a great museum in Brescia over the weekend called Santa Giulia.  They are having an exhibition of the Italian fashion designer Roberto Capucci which is brilliant, especially when viewed amongst the normal museum display.  Wow, what I wouldn’t give for one of his frocks!

Roberto Capucci at Santa Giulia Museum, Brescia