Concert and Music Video Release – Ohibò, Milano

We’ve been working hard this month getting ready to play this next concert at Circolo Arci Ohibò in Milan, this Friday 28th September. We’ve got Alessio on the drums as usual, and we’re joined by Tommaso playing keys and doing some backing harmonies as well.

It’s not just our usual concert however, because we are finally ready to release our new music video. We worked with Viola Barbato, who also directed the last video of Il Genio (Tahiti) and we are so happy with the final product. It’s not your usual music video, so stay tuned, or if you are in Milan, come and see it Friday. Ohibò has a big screen!


Daytrippin’ the French Grand Canyon

Today we took a drive to the French Grand Canyon, otherwise known as La Gorge du Verdon. We started at the turquoise waters of Lac Sainte-Croix and drove the south side of the canyon, said to be the most beautiful in Europe. I even caught sight of some crazy people throwing themselves off a bridge, and reminded myself that I absolutely never want to go bungy jumping.

We were supposed to go for a walk down to the river at the bottom of the gorge and have a swim, but (ahem), we were a little late getting started so there wasn’t time, and the way back up would have been a killer.

So as we were driving out we came across a military base and saw a yard full of TANKS! I had to stop and take a photo for my little brother (can I still call him little when he’s been bigger than me for years? Well, he’ll always be 14 in my mind), who is basically obsessed with anything with an engine. And it morphed into a little banner for our facebook page too.

rollin' on down the lane

I had a little momentary vision of doing some kind of tank photo-shoot, but military personnel don’t usually take kindly to these kind of ideas, especially the scaling the fence part.

Here’s a photo of the gorge, nice huh?


We really would be rollin’ on down the lane if we got our hands on one of those tanks.

August Busy

There’s been a lot going on around here this month overall, but not so much this week with the hot, hot weather we’ve been having here in Provence.

We’ve written four new songs, rehearsed quite a lot, taken a few sets of new promo photo’s, worked on the cover of the album, a new poster … taken a lot of long walks, gone swimming and generally enjoyed the fresh country air.

I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to Provence, but I’m looking forward to coming back to France later in the year (not too much later) to tour and release the new album.

Provence Style-1

Bye Bye pretty French villages and Hello (that should be Ciao!) Milano

Focus, focus!

We’re trying hard to remain focussed and working hard while it’s so hot here in the south of France. There are too many big lunches and bottles of rosé vying for our attention, but that is balancing out with lots of healthy countryside walks.

On the up side, we’ve just about written four new songs since we’ve been here and we are getting closer and closer to being able to release all the new material for our new album.

One more week here:

provencal countryside-1


It’s so nice I could quite easily be tempted not to return to Milan for another week, month … till Christmas?!

Just when you thought it was safe …

… to go on a 3 day pizza and red wine binge, the director calls and tells you she needs a little bit more Lara Croft up near Lake Como to finish the video. Spoiler, yes? Well, you’ll see.

So this week will involve a little more filming as well as a morning in the studio for rehearsal. We’re looking forward to playing again after so much time out with recording and mixing and all that jazz. We’re writing again already, and should have some new songs in our live set before you’ve even heard this new album…

A presto
xoxo SS

It’s all on for tomorrow…

… the make-up artist has arrived from Tuscany, the lights and camera are booked and ready, two 3,000 euro dresses have been borrowed from an unnamed fancy pants fashion house here in Milan…

and tomorrow we are shooting the music video for the new album.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but we’re in need of some sunshine north of Milan tomorrow!

It’s a rollin…

We finally did it.  FINALLY!  Put the 10 songs onto a CD, with all the vocals and bits that we wanted, in an order that we liked, and put it in the post.  Phew, it sure has been a marathon effort, but a lot of fun and we are super excited and can’t wait to let y’all hear it and tell us what you think.

After a lot of talk and pondering, both the title for the album and the cover photo materialised, seemingly of their own volition.  I have a feeling that these things can’t be forced, and that when the time is right they will make themselves known, and so they did.  No sneak peeks of either yet, sorry, we still want to reserve the right for tinkering.

We’ve booked a sound engineer for the end of March to start mixing, and mastering is lined up too.  Things are all a’rolling!

I went to a great museum in Brescia over the weekend called Santa Giulia.  They are having an exhibition of the Italian fashion designer Roberto Capucci which is brilliant, especially when viewed amongst the normal museum display.  Wow, what I wouldn’t give for one of his frocks!

Roberto Capucci at Santa Giulia Museum, Brescia