Recording at La Sauna

Right after our tour in France we went straight into the studio to start recording our new album.  The studio we chose, after long debate and many options, was La Sauna in northern Italy.  It was definitely the right choice.  After the surprise of finding the studio opening right onto Lake Commabio, we were able to achieve exactly what we were after in terms of playing all together in one room and getting an exceptional sound.  There is a great atmosphere in this studio, both the location and the people working there, that allowed us to work to our full potential.

We have been working on this album already for over a year, and some of you got a taste of the material when we played a few new songs on our tour last month, and while the album will be quite different, it still retains the essence of what ‘Pete Ross & the Sapphire’ is and does as a band.  We’ve got all the tracking done and we will be finalising the mix in September.  We plan to release the album in January 2015, so stay tuned.

Here are a few pics from the studio.  Cheers!