La Tour Eiffel

It’s very difficult to find time on tour to do anything.  The entire day is spent packing the car, finding food, driving, finding the venue, unpacking the car, setting up, sound-checking, eating again (maybe), hanging around, and then actually playing.  OK, I missed the number one thing that musicians on tour are always searching for above anything else – the wifi connection.  We have to constantly connect to reply to emails, book shows, facebook the next event etc.

Alessio told me as we were driving out of Le Mans two days ago that there is a very big cathedral there, but of course we didn’t go to see it.  Any lucky free hours we find ourselves with on tour we generally spend trying to get some sleep if possible, or washing things, but occasionally, just on the off chance that we find ourselves with not far to travel and something on the route, we might do something touristy.  Last time we toured in France we took a quick spin around Lourdes.  This morning we have a few hours to spare with only a couple of hours to get to Lille this afternoon, and Pete & Alessio have both never been up the eiffel tower.

Well guys it doesn’t look like it’s going to be today.  So here is a picture of the tour eiffel that I got on the internet.  Maybe next time, alright?


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