These Boots …

.. are made for walking!  Great work Lee Hazlewood on writing this brilliant song.  Pete did a cover version what seems like a million years ago, way back in January 2010 in the kitchen studio of Mr Orville Brody in Rennes.  At the same time, over a 2 day recording session he put down acoustic guitar and vocal to 10 songs in fact, and it was planned to become the album Midnight Show.  When we got back to Milan for various reasons we decided to re-write the album and re-record the whole session with some the new and reworked songs.  So this recording got put on the shelf, and Midnight Show as you know it was recorded in an ugly ground-floor apartment in Milan, with me looking out the window to warn Pete when the gate was about to get slammed and ruin the track.

The good news is that we have decided to release this song, along with two others as part of the Devil Inside single, available at present in digital download only.  I added some vocals to the track as well, and joined Nancy Sinatra in spirit to Pete’s Lee.  The single is online and listenable here:

Now I’m a bit concerned about the weather in France this week as I’m seeing a lot of talk about snow flurries floating around the interweb.  I was hoping not to have to pack all my heavy duty winter clothing, but looks like I’ll be taking it, just to be sure.  We’ve got just one and a half days left here, and last minute preparations are underway.  I think this may be the most well prepared tour we’ve ever undertaken, and I hope it’s going to be the best yet.  12 concerts in 12 days, here we come.

PS My Ampeg Mini (code-named Ms Amy) has grown since the last time you saw her.  She’s nearly as tall as me now!

amy ampgeg stack

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