Tour Postcards July 2014

Here are a few blurry and poor quality photos from our wonderful tour of France last month.  We had a great time, as always, saw a lot of cool people and bands, and drank far too much vin rouge.  On the road we also managed to go sailing and spend a few days at Near Deaf Experience Studio re-recording an old song of ours, which we hope to let you hear soon.  We were very pleased to reveal our new line-up with drummer Alessandro Deidda joining us for the first tour of many, and as we have just finished in the studio here in Milan we will have a lot more to say about that soon.

Special thanks to: Rauky & Iza, the Festival de Valence crew, Ben Borneo & SilverMoon, Gui & Sabrina, Seb & Alex, Antoine & the Beast Records crew, JB & the Galion crew, Vincent Lantin, Sly & Ultra Bullitt, Sophie & Eric, Near Deaf Experience, La Nef D Fous and the Binic Festival crew, Ludo, Marie Calliou, Titouan Masse, Alex Lianeri … I’m sure there is someone I’ve missed, but bises to everyone who came to see us play and made our shows extra special.  We can’t wait to share the new album with you! Cheers xx