oui oui … Paris

This week has become a traditional trip to Paris for me, it’s the third year in a row I’ve spent my birthday there with Dimi & Sof in the kangaroom.  Amongst other things it always involves gallons and gallons of vin rouge, Dimi missing days of work, and marathon shopping in smelly vintage shops.

This year it also involved something rather special.  Sofy is the incredible lead singer of the Parisian girl band Tulla Larsen (that sounds good, doesn’t it?), and she kindly lent her vocals to a few songs on our new album.

Pete played an in-store at the record shop Gibert Joseph

Gibert Joseph

Pete also played a solo acoustic gig at the infamous La Feline in Menilmontant, which was followed by significant levels of debauchery and drunkeness.  Not us of course, we were in the VIP room with an innocent bottle of whisky.  Thanks Pat.

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