Introducing Ms Amy Ampeg

I started crocheting before the summer with the plan to make a crochet bikini.  I found a pattern on the internet from 1971, bought some yarn from the Friday market on our street, and set to work.  I found that it is much harder than you’d (well, I’d) imagine to make a crochet bikini.  A couple of attempts worked out either massive or ridiculously tiny, and one attempt I just couldn’t fathom how to get it finished up right.  The pattern from 1971 was somewhat hard to translate into my language.  I tried some other patterns on the internet, and realised half way through that there is a difference between American crochet directions and British.  So in the end I accepted defeat.  Perhaps it was a sign, because this summer I didn’t manage to get one single swim.  Maybe next year I’ll try again.

I started with the squares as a practice and planned to make a cushion cover.  One day as I was sitting here merrily crocheting away someone jokingly suggested that I should make a cover for my bass amp head.  Well once an idea as cool as that takes hold it can’t be removed, and today, after hours and hours of crocheting and planning, I finally stitched the whole thing together.  I am incredibly happy with my little project; it’s far better than a boring cushion cover (perhaps I’ll still make some though).

I still have a little bit of yarn left over and I want to make some little chickens.  I already made one, and then I spitefully killed it in a moment of insanity, but that’s a whole other story.

Amy Ampeg

Amy Ampeg two

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