Tour Postcards May 2014

We weren’t sure if we were going to make this tour, but Andrea Rizzo kindly stepped in to join us with his big smile lighting up the stage on our way round Germany (and Brussels).

Here are a few postcards from our travels.  Next shows will be in France in July.




The next dates

Thank you Thank you Thank you all for making our tour in November a wonderful experience.  So many kilometers and concerts and good times, we loved every single one.

But it’s not over yet folks! Here are our dates for the rest of this year:

dec 05 BASEL (CH), Sääli Zum Goldenen Fass
dec 06 LENZBURG (CH), Met Bar
dec 07 USTER (CH), Star Club

dec 11 CHAMBERY (FR), Brin de Zinc
dec 12 LYON (FR), Cafe-Concert Trokson
dec 13 VALENCE (FR), Mistral Palace
dec 14 REIGNIER (FR), le poulp

And a few (ok, quite a few, it was a long tour!) postcards from our travels in November:

Tour Postcards May 2013

It rained A LOT on this tour of the Basque, and I was totally overestimating the weather when I packed my bikini.  Not only did I not get it out of my bag once, but I think I spent the entire tour wearing nearly every single item of clothing that I brought with me, all at the same time.  I was like a little eskimo.  We had some great shows, and some time to see the sights as it wasn’t far to drive between them.  We are kind of planning to go back later in the year, but with Alessio next time.  I loved Bilbao and the coast around there, and the drive from Urretxu to Lleida was absolutely incredible.  I would like to do that again with more time to stop and take photos.

On the road to Basque

This week we are heading towards Spain, but as my lovely Spanish friends corrected me, we can’t call it a “Spain Tour” but a Basque and Catalonia tour.  Very well!  We did a couple of shows in the Basque region way back in November 2011 where we played and slept in a 200 year old prison.  That was really quite an incredible experience, and I am very much looking forward to getting back there.  I am also rather pleased that we have managed to accommodate a day off in San Sebastián, where we quickly stopped last time.

Here are our dates:

09 may. SOPELANA (Bizkaia) @ La Triangu
10 may. BERMEO (Bizkaia) @ Alt Sessions Festival
12 may. OÑATI (Gipuzkoa) @ Pako Taberna
15 may. SAN SEBASTIÁN/DONOSTIA @ Ondarra Club 16 bis
16 may. VITORIA/GASTEIZ @ Gora Taberna Gasteiz
17 may. URRETXU (Gipuzkoa) @ Hankie Hankie
18 may. LLEIDA @ Oh Yeah! (Swampy Weekend)

Look forward to meeting you on the road. SS

spain poster

Tour Postcards April 2013

Here we go, my snapshots from our last tour.  We covered a little bit of everything on this round, Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech, and drove through Austria on the way home.  Unfortunately I lost my voice for the last two shows, but we had a great time, and we’re already planning our next trip to Germany for October.  Next up, Spain in May.

Record Store Day!

Howdy folks!  Today is Record Store Day, so make sure you get out there and support your local store by buying some new music.

We are super happy to be doing our part by playing a set at 3pm in the afternoon at Mr Dead and Mrs Free in Berlin.  Probably we’ll be there early to buy a few records before we play.

Here’s the link to the store, and if you are in town, come on down.

Mr Dead and Mrs Free


Postcards from France, March 2013

Wow, I’ve been back in Milan for two days and I’m still on a high from our tour in France.  Both completely buzzing, and also about ready to collapse from exhaustion after the long days at work since I got back, so I think I’m going to spend Easter on the sofa eating cake and trying to do as little as possible.  Well maybe I will work on a new song that I wrote in my head during the drive back from Chambery on Monday morning.

I think all three of us left a little part of our hearts in France this March.  We were received with such enthusiasm and hospitality everywhere we went, the shows were brilliant, and after 3,700 kilometers of driving we left already excited to come back in June for another round.  Special thanks to Beast Records, Seb & Alex, Slim Mitch, Franck, Headsucker & Emma, Dimi & Sof, Gui and all the venues and the bands we played with, Head On, Bed Bunker, Tulla Larsen, The Strong Come-ons, The Mythomans, Aurelien Blues Band & the Denyals.  Merci à vous !!

Backstage at Brin de Zinc

The troops are pretty tired on day twelve of our tour.  We relented and went to McDonalds for lunch, and now we’re waiting to unload the car and set up for the last show at Brin de Zinc in Chambery.

Tired Face #1

brinalessio Tired Face #2

brinpete2And Tired Face #3


I’m sure we’ve got just enough juice left in the tank to deliver one more show tonight, perhaps with the help of a mouthful of whisky.  Back to Milan tomorrow and this week we’ll announce the dates of our 10-show German/Europe tour which begins on Thursday 11 April in Switzerland.