Getting there

I’m struggling to remember what day it is.  They are all melting into a blur of studio time and late nights.  We have been surviving on pasta, pizza and red wine and right about now I’m ready to get home to my own food, bed and routines.  I am really tired, and I think all of us are coming down with colds.  Today is the last day in the studio, but we are behind schedule.  Unfortunately we haven’t had time to get any of the vocals done, which means more work at home.

Tonight we are going to play a concert, but without drums as the venue has no drum kit.  We tried to cancel it, but it wasn’t possible.  Tomorrow we make the 1,000 km trip back to Milan, and Dimi flies back to Paris the day after that.  That makes Friday the 30th, and thereafter New Years Eve.

Here are some photos from around the studio this afternoon.  We’ve had some nice sunny days, and it’s just cold enough.  This is a movie projector from the 1950’s that Stefano rescued from the scrap-heap when the local cinema closed down.  I was surprised to see it standing there on the grass, but it’s a pretty cool garden ornament.







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