Recording @saemilano

Here’s a little spoiler video of Manuele from the Three Blind Mice recording some beautiful noisy guitar for our new single.  If you’ve seen us play this year you’ll be familiar with the A side, but the B side is a completely new song we wrote specially for this vinyl.


Get rollin’ today

At last, the album is officially released.

Get in quick! The first 25 people to buy a copy of ‘Rollin’ will get a personalized Devil Inside CD single featuring exclusive and unreleased material, sealed with a special Susy kiss.

Devil Inside Single – Track Listing

1. Devil inside

2. The Great Mistake (alternate band version)

3. These Boots Are Made For Walking (Orville’s Kitchen Sessions – duet with Susy Sapphire)

4. Dream On (Midnight Show Sessions – featuring Marco “Python” Fecchio)

Last night we put the vinyl on the spinner and opened a good bottle of wine to celebrate.


Happy Halloween catch up

Have you got your costumes ready?  And your treats and tricks?  Halloween marks the end of the warmth and light of the summer and autumn months and the descent into the darkness of winter, with the clocks going back and the heating going on right about now.  With that in mind, here is a little round up of the last month since we got back to Milan after the summer.

We played at Ohibò, remember?  Way back at the end of September; it feels like a long time ago now.  That evening marked the release of the Devil Inside music video, and really was the start of the presentation of the new album.  Here is a photo from the event, taken by Antonella Ciliberto.

We played a Sunday night show at Twiggy in Varese, but unfortunately we don’t have any photos to prove it.  Alessio joined us with his cajón, which is a great instrument, and makes a nice acoustic show for us as a trio.

On Wednesday 24th September we played at Piazza Risorgimento in Milan, at a little bar named Trifola.  It’s very cute and intimate, and had a beautiful atmosphere.  It is outside with heaters, so thankfully for us it was before the cold struck.  Here we are, photo courtesy of Susan CS.


We’ve got a quiet start to November, leading in to a very busy run up to Christmas.  Dates to be announced shortly, along with the very special pre-order for the album – ‘The Rollin’ Pack’.  Till then …

Music Video out now – Devil Inside

An abandoned psychiatric hospital and a bizarre, derelict casino on top of a hill overlooking Lake Como are the two locations we used in filming our new music video.  There are no traditional band with instruments shots, it’s more like a mini-film, shot by Italian director Viola Barbato.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and thanks for sharing!

Directed by Viola Barbato
Photography Nicolo Lusbek Luckenbach
Stylist Martina Calabresi (dress supplied by Missoni)
Make up Valentina Tomljanovic

Featuring Susy Sapphire, Keith Rose and Pete Ross

Concert and Music Video Release – Ohibò, Milano

We’ve been working hard this month getting ready to play this next concert at Circolo Arci Ohibò in Milan, this Friday 28th September. We’ve got Alessio on the drums as usual, and we’re joined by Tommaso playing keys and doing some backing harmonies as well.

It’s not just our usual concert however, because we are finally ready to release our new music video. We worked with Viola Barbato, who also directed the last video of Il Genio (Tahiti) and we are so happy with the final product. It’s not your usual music video, so stay tuned, or if you are in Milan, come and see it Friday. Ohibò has a big screen!


Lazy Susan

I’m not sure where  the Lazy Susan originated from but they came into existence in Australia in the 70’s. It’s basically a round rotating table that is placed in the centre of a dining table so people can help themselves without asking someone on the other side. Pretty simple and effective really. Found most commonly in Chinese restaurants.

Anyway…that’s beside the point. The real reason for this post is to show off the second and latest in our series of promo banners for the forthcoming album. (see Pool Party blog for the first banner). Here is “lazy” Susy Sapphire doing her thing on this fantastic vintage sofa that we discovered collecting dust, in a garage in the south of France. 

Lazy Susan

Pool party

Pool Party


Yesterday we launched the first of a series of new promotional photos that we will be using over the coming weeks to promote the release of our forthcoming album, Rollin On Down The Lane.

This photo was taken in the south of France in a 38deg heatwave in the middle of August. The photo shoot was also filmed and we will be putting together a bloopers video from the series which we guarantee will amuse.

Devil Inside

Devil Inside Single Cover

We are releasing the first single Devil Inside, from the forthcoming album, Rollin On Down The Lane, this Monday 03 September… And it will be FREE . Just an email address will be required to get a free download of  a high quality MP3 which you can then happily bounce and sway too for as long as you like!

Daytrippin’ the French Grand Canyon

Today we took a drive to the French Grand Canyon, otherwise known as La Gorge du Verdon. We started at the turquoise waters of Lac Sainte-Croix and drove the south side of the canyon, said to be the most beautiful in Europe. I even caught sight of some crazy people throwing themselves off a bridge, and reminded myself that I absolutely never want to go bungy jumping.

We were supposed to go for a walk down to the river at the bottom of the gorge and have a swim, but (ahem), we were a little late getting started so there wasn’t time, and the way back up would have been a killer.

So as we were driving out we came across a military base and saw a yard full of TANKS! I had to stop and take a photo for my little brother (can I still call him little when he’s been bigger than me for years? Well, he’ll always be 14 in my mind), who is basically obsessed with anything with an engine. And it morphed into a little banner for our facebook page too.

rollin' on down the lane

I had a little momentary vision of doing some kind of tank photo-shoot, but military personnel don’t usually take kindly to these kind of ideas, especially the scaling the fence part.

Here’s a photo of the gorge, nice huh?


We really would be rollin’ on down the lane if we got our hands on one of those tanks.

Focus, focus!

We’re trying hard to remain focussed and working hard while it’s so hot here in the south of France. There are too many big lunches and bottles of rosé vying for our attention, but that is balancing out with lots of healthy countryside walks.

On the up side, we’ve just about written four new songs since we’ve been here and we are getting closer and closer to being able to release all the new material for our new album.

One more week here:

provencal countryside-1


It’s so nice I could quite easily be tempted not to return to Milan for another week, month … till Christmas?!