It’s a rollin…

We finally did it.  FINALLY!  Put the 10 songs onto a CD, with all the vocals and bits that we wanted, in an order that we liked, and put it in the post.  Phew, it sure has been a marathon effort, but a lot of fun and we are super excited and can’t wait to let y’all hear it and tell us what you think.

After a lot of talk and pondering, both the title for the album and the cover photo materialised, seemingly of their own volition.  I have a feeling that these things can’t be forced, and that when the time is right they will make themselves known, and so they did.  No sneak peeks of either yet, sorry, we still want to reserve the right for tinkering.

We’ve booked a sound engineer for the end of March to start mixing, and mastering is lined up too.  Things are all a’rolling!

I went to a great museum in Brescia over the weekend called Santa Giulia.  They are having an exhibition of the Italian fashion designer Roberto Capucci which is brilliant, especially when viewed amongst the normal museum display.  Wow, what I wouldn’t give for one of his frocks!

Roberto Capucci at Santa Giulia Museum, Brescia

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