The Mixes

We’ve spent two days this week recording extra bits for our new single: more guitar, tambourine, claps, backing vocals.  All in the comfort of our home studio, or should I say, the living room.  It’s been well over 30 degrees every day this week, and we’ve been missing the nice cool weather of France in June.

Today we went into the studio with Ivan to do the mixes.  We gave him far more work than he needed with all of our last minute additions, but he is a trooper, and also a super engineer, so he coped very well.  We need a break before listening to them again, and closing the mixes in a couple of weeks time.  In the meantime, we need to think about what we are going to do for the cover, and we plan to make a video for both songs with footage we’ve taken over the past few months of touring.  It goes without saying that we are very, very excited to release both of these songs, and they mark a transition for us towards the sound and direction we plan to take for our next album.  We plan to spend our summer “holiday” working on demo’s for the album, to be recorded early 2014.  Here’s Pete & Ivan, hard at work.  Cheers!