Lazy Susan

I’m not sure where  the Lazy Susan originated from but they came into existence in Australia in the 70’s. It’s basically a round rotating table that is placed in the centre of a dining table so people can help themselves without asking someone on the other side. Pretty simple and effective really. Found most commonly in Chinese restaurants.

Anyway…that’s beside the point. The real reason for this post is to show off the second and latest in our series of promo banners for the forthcoming album. (see Pool Party blog for the first banner). Here is “lazy” Susy Sapphire doing her thing on this fantastic vintage sofa that we discovered collecting dust, in a garage in the south of France. 

Lazy Susan

Pool party

Pool Party


Yesterday we launched the first of a series of new promotional photos that we will be using over the coming weeks to promote the release of our forthcoming album, Rollin On Down The Lane.

This photo was taken in the south of France in a 38deg heatwave in the middle of August. The photo shoot was also filmed and we will be putting together a bloopers video from the series which we guarantee will amuse.

Port Très Blues – Philippe Erard

We’re back in Italy!

The first thing we do when crossing the border back into Italia is stop at the very first Autogrill on the motorway and get a coffee. Sorry France, I love you, but it’s no secret that Italy wins hands down on the coffee front.

This is the first Autogrill on the coast motorway, and here is a book that you won’t find in the gift-shop.

port tres blues-1

It’s called Port Très Blues and is a photo-documentary of the annual Folk-Blues Binic Festival by photographer Philippe Erard.

The photographs are fantastic, like this one of Jamie Hutchings

port tres blues-2

And this one of Mark ‘Porkchop’ Holder

port tres blues-3

And this one of Dirty Deep

port tres blues-6

And I don’t know who these two idiots are…

port tres blues-5

And everybody’s favourite, Mr James Leg (or should I say The Reverend?)

port tres blues-4

You can contact Philippe through his website to get your hands on a copy of his book.

Or you can get yourself to Binic in early August next year to see the festival first hand, and perhaps get into the next book. Here’s the facebook page for the festival: Binic Folk Blues Festival

Last but not least, I must say a very big thank you to the wonderful Monsieur Dimi Dero, who apart from being an all round nice guy, and the producer of our new album, sent us this copy of the book. Thanks Dimi!!!