Stir Crazy

We’ve played ten shows in a row now without a break, and it is entirely possible that we are going a little stir crazy.

I was trying to upload the video, but I just realised that you have to pay for that.  So here is the link to it on facebook:

Backstage at La Jour de Fete

We had a fantastic show last night.  Played for over 2 hours to a packed bar and managed to sell a decent number of CD’s.  This morning Fabrice left us some nice croissants for breakfast while he was shopping at the market, and he is going to cook us some lunch before we get on our way again.  Somehow we have to find enough energy to play show number 11.  It’s going to be hard to top last night for good feeling though.  We are planning to hit the road straight after the concert, and drive the 6 hours back to Milan from Nimes.  It will take us all night, but at least we’ll be able to relax and sleep all day Sunday at home.  I’m not looking forward to going back because I have a huge week of work starting on Monday morning, and I hear it is zero degrees of freezing there.  I hope my lemon tree is ok at the door.  He hasn’t had a drink of water since I left home!

I can’t put up a post with no photo, so here is me & Alessio practicing our guitar playing skills at Cafe des Voyageurs:

cafe voyageurs day two

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