New album ‘The Boundless Expanse’ from elegant folk rock group Pete Ross & The Sapphire (AUS/NZ) takes you to the outer reaches of your consciousness in order to find the edge of the bubble in which we exist.

Containing 8 tracks that intertwine and resemble a unified whole, the album is an authentic, dynamic and definitive 40 minute blast transcending life, the struggle of existence and the essential loneliness of the human condition.

Recorded on analogue tape at La Sauna Studio in the north of Italy, Pete Ross & The Sapphire have stepped away from previous influences and explored a style of music creation somewhat lost in the modern world.

‘Our goal was to create an album completely different to the current vogue for downloadable ‘one-shot’ singles. It is an album that needs to be listened to in it’s entirety to be appreciated with motifs that repeat both musically and lyrically.  We drew inspiration from the concept albums of the late 60s and early 70s, as well as other blues, psychedelic and progressive rock bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Tamam Shud, Kahvas Jute and ELO’

Beast Records BR175 & BR175CD (LP, CD, Digital)
Release date:  6 Feb 2015

A: The Alarm Has Sounded,Have You Seen The Incubus? Nobody Knows,Existing In A Bubble
B: Sleep Child, Postcard To Mary, Gossamer, Are We Leaving?

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Pete Ross & The Sapphire have once again waved their noir wand and trans- formed a traditional American lullaby into their own catchy “rockaby” – Mockingbird; and took a wrong turn into the deepest forest to create the anti-lullaby – Down To The Woods.

In between 6 months of touring, promoting their 2012 release Rollin On Down The Lane, Ross and Sapphire, along with drummer, Alessio Russio went into SAE’s Milan studio and recorded these 2 songs, which will be exclusively available on 7” vinyl through Beast Records.

Beast Records BR147 (7’inch vinyl)
Release date:  1 Oct 2013

Side A: Mockingbird
Side B: Down To The Woods








What if Nick Cave recorded the soundtrack for a Sergio Leone film?

Take one abandoned psychiatric hospital, add a bizarre, derelict casino on a hill overlooking Lake Como in Italy, and you have the location ingredients for the new music video ‘Devil Inside’; the first single to be taken from the new album by Pete Ross & The Sapphire. To this setting add four mysterious characters and a psychedelic story line and you have a music video that is more like a mini-film, shot by Italian director Viola Barbato.

‘Rollin’ On Down The Lane’ is the third studio album by Milan based, Australian singer/guitarist Pete Ross and introduces New Zealander bassist/vocalist Susy Sapphire. Recorded at Sudestudio (Italy) and produced by French rocker Dimi Dero, the album is based upon a dark and deadly trilogy written by Ross & Sapphire, and combines stories of misfortune, disbelief and regret. It also contains a cover of Tom Waits’ ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’, and a contemporary arrangement of the Townes Van Zandt song, ‘Rake’.

Beast Records BR130 & BR130CD (LP, CD, Digital)
Release date:  30 Nov 2012

A: Pleased To Meet You, Devil Inside, Shadow (man), Rake, Corinne
B: Late Last Night, To The Wind, Jesus Gonna Be Here, Corn Silk Hair, The Great Mistake





Midnight Show is the new album from Australian born singer-songwriter Pete Ross and the follow-up to his 2009 debut release Six String Suicide. Whereas the latter delivered a somewhat simple narrative in a well-produced package, Midnight Show offers a stark contrast with a comparatively structured message and compelling song writing, offset by a very raw and dynamic sound.

The album was conceived backstage after a solo concert, when Beast Records (FR) co- founder, Seb Blanchais, suggested recording an album for his label focusing mostly on Pete’s voice and guitar. However, in a spiritual sense, the birth of the album could well be attributed to the passing of Pete’s brother Ross, over 10 years ago; the loss of his mother, Josephine, 40 years ago; or perhaps the connection of his new found love and co-writer, Susy Sapphire and her recently lost, adopted mother who coincidentally was also named Josephine.

The album, as reflected in the striking photography of Parisian Demis Courquet- Lesaulnier, concentrates on dark and at times quirky images, such as the opening title track, Midnight Show, suggesting that love is not altruistic; XXXV and Josephine which are both eulogies for their departed; and the hauntingly dramatic, Maybe There Is Love, written by Ross (la prima).

Beast Records BR106 (LP)
Release date:  01 Apr 2011

Side A: Midnight Show, XXXV, I Won’t Wait, Corn Silk Hair, Maybe There Is Love
Side B: I’m Not Afraid, Song 7, Looking In Your Eyes, Josephine, Nothin’ At All