Recording at La Sauna

Right after our tour in France we went straight into the studio to start recording our new album.  The studio we chose, after long debate and many options, was La Sauna in northern Italy.  It was definitely the right choice.  After the surprise of finding the studio opening right onto Lake Commabio, we were able to achieve exactly what we were after in terms of playing all together in one room and getting an exceptional sound.  There is a great atmosphere in this studio, both the location and the people working there, that allowed us to work to our full potential.

We have been working on this album already for over a year, and some of you got a taste of the material when we played a few new songs on our tour last month, and while the album will be quite different, it still retains the essence of what ‘Pete Ross & the Sapphire’ is and does as a band.  We’ve got all the tracking done and we will be finalising the mix in September.  We plan to release the album in January 2015, so stay tuned.

Here are a few pics from the studio.  Cheers!


Tour Postcards July 2014

Here are a few blurry and poor quality photos from our wonderful tour of France last month.  We had a great time, as always, saw a lot of cool people and bands, and drank far too much vin rouge.  On the road we also managed to go sailing and spend a few days at Near Deaf Experience Studio re-recording an old song of ours, which we hope to let you hear soon.  We were very pleased to reveal our new line-up with drummer Alessandro Deidda joining us for the first tour of many, and as we have just finished in the studio here in Milan we will have a lot more to say about that soon.

Special thanks to: Rauky & Iza, the Festival de Valence crew, Ben Borneo & SilverMoon, Gui & Sabrina, Seb & Alex, Antoine & the Beast Records crew, JB & the Galion crew, Vincent Lantin, Sly & Ultra Bullitt, Sophie & Eric, Near Deaf Experience, La Nef D Fous and the Binic Festival crew, Ludo, Marie Calliou, Titouan Masse, Alex Lianeri … I’m sure there is someone I’ve missed, but bises to everyone who came to see us play and made our shows extra special.  We can’t wait to share the new album with you! Cheers xx


New drummer, new cover

We are very pleased that Mr Mad Boogie a.k.a Alessandro Deidda is joining us on drums, gong and other weird noises.  We have been in the studio working together on preparation for the new album that we plan to record soon, but we also have some gigs to play in France in the summer.  For the new set list, we have decided to add a cover song.  I wonder if you can guess what it is?  Here is a video clue that we recorded this morning.  The next clue will be arriving in about three weeks time.

Tour Postcards May 2014

We weren’t sure if we were going to make this tour, but Andrea Rizzo kindly stepped in to join us with his big smile lighting up the stage on our way round Germany (and Brussels).

Here are a few postcards from our travels.  Next shows will be in France in July.




Rollin’ into 2014

After a relaxing break out in Australia during January and some much needed Vitamin D we came back to Europe and indeed straight to Rennes to do some work recording the final songs for the new Head On record.  It is due to be completed soon, and they will be having a release party for the single ‘Changing Shape’ at Le Galion in Lorient on the 11th of April and at Mondo Bizarro in Rennes on the 12th of April.

We were 11 hours on the train back to Milan and into the studio ourselves the very next day at the School of Audio Engineering with Ivan A Rossi.  We recorded one song without having the chance to rehearse at all; a little complicated, but fun nonetheless.

Our plans for the first half of this year are all about recording a new album, which we will start working on in March, and hopefully record in April.  It is an ambitious project we have set ourselves, but we are very excited to work on some new material and prepare to present it live after the summer.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos from our session at SAE Milano last week.

The next dates

Thank you Thank you Thank you all for making our tour in November a wonderful experience.  So many kilometers and concerts and good times, we loved every single one.

But it’s not over yet folks! Here are our dates for the rest of this year:

dec 05 BASEL (CH), Sääli Zum Goldenen Fass
dec 06 LENZBURG (CH), Met Bar
dec 07 USTER (CH), Star Club

dec 11 CHAMBERY (FR), Brin de Zinc
dec 12 LYON (FR), Cafe-Concert Trokson
dec 13 VALENCE (FR), Mistral Palace
dec 14 REIGNIER (FR), le poulp

And a few (ok, quite a few, it was a long tour!) postcards from our travels in November:

Tour Dates November

We’re hitting the road, again! This time we’ll be taking in lots more France, the Pais Vasco, Belgium & the Netherlands. It’s going to be a long run of 16 dates and I hate to think how many kilometers … ok, I had to work it out, 5,200 km. Yep.  We love driving.  But more importantly we love getting the chance to play in front of new & old crowds.  Look forward to seeing you somewhere along the way. bises.

nov 05 PERPIGNAN (FR), L’ubu
nov 06 ZARAGOSA (ES), Pub Eccos
nov 07 SOPELANA (ES), La Triangu
nov 09 VITORIA (ES), Hell Dorado
nov 10 TOULOUSE (FR), Dis Pensary
nov 12 ANGOULEME (FR), Le KaRma
nov 13 RENNES (FR), Mondo Bizarro (with Dead Horse Problem)
nov 14 LANNION (FR), café les valseuses
nov 15 SAINT BRIEUC (FR), La Citrouille (with Don Cavalli)
nov 16 LORIENT (FR), Le Galion
nov 17 NANTES (FR), Le Remorqueur
nov 20 PARIS (FR), Le Gibus Café (with Tulla Larsen)
nov 21 LILLE (FR), Monk’s café
nov 22 MIDDELBURG (NL), Kaffee ‘t Hof
nov 23 BRUSSELS (BE), L’Os à Moelle

tour dates Nov

German Tour

We’re back to work this week, starting with our first show at White Trash in Berlin.  We’re looking forward to big burgers, lots of sausages and some super shows in venues that we mostly haven’t played before.  We have our new single ‘Mockingbird/Down to the woods’ along with us for exclusive sale at the shows.  Is it big coat weather in Germany yet?  We’re about to find out.

Cheers and hope to see you on the road!

german tour october'13

09 oct BERLIN, White Trash
10 oct HALLE, VL Ludwigstrasse 37
11 oct BREMEN, Lagerhaus / Medienkoop
12 oct BIELEFELD, Extra
13 oct ROTENBURG, Die Villa
16 oct HAMBURG, Rock Café
17 oct MANNHEIM, Der Bock
18 oct OFFENBURG, Spitalkeller
19 oct OTTERSWEIER, Gruner Baum